Gravick Group is a veteran owned privately-held company that offers a suite of Security consulting and training programs, Executive level risk mitigation training, tactical training, executive protection training, and solutions to both public and private sector. Operating since 1999. Gravick Group provides training to prepare or improve your agency, organization, or corporation for changing global environment in the areas of private security, logistical security, training, tactical medicine, and tactical operations.

Gravick´s proven experience provides our customers with personalized, integral solutions for our client’s specific needs. The combination of military and business professionals will help you cross the lines of government and the private sector.

Gravick operates with men and women who have served across a broad spectrum of the U.S. military, federal agencies and private entities and it anchored by President & Founder, James Kniestedt

Kniestedt’s proven ability as an exceptional defense strategist and his expertise as a trainer in special operations as a career member of US Special Forces and international security matters building adaptable security models providing cost benefit for GRAVICK customers.

Kniestedt has provided security and training for numerous foreign governments and international private entities. Specializing in supply chain security models, previous assignments include work in some of the most difficult and extreme environments on the globe that include, Central and South America, Carribean, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.