Global Supply Chain Security

What keeps you up at night?

In a world of global trade and worldwide interdependencies, any malicious interference at any point in the supply chain can break down the entire system. Such events will not only threaten the livelihood of business partners in the supply chain but can also have extensive negative effects on countries and their people. Therefore, the need to secure international trade is critical in today’s economy.

While importers and other supply chain members are striving to improve security, the danger of terrorist attacks is still high, as seen in the number of nefarious acts that occur around the globe on a regular basis. Thefts and contraband cargo, for example, are still discovered on a daily basis at most US ports of entry. If bad people and bad things can still get into your conveyance, then global disruptions can happen at any time.

Gravick specializes in security risk assessments throughout the world. We can help you establish risk mitigation strategies for executive protection, cargo security, anti-smuggling, anti-terrorism, and loss prevention. Gravick ensures that three major threat areas in your supply chain are investigated to reduce risk. Also, should your company require it, Gravick can perform undercover investigations at any of your sites worldwide. Gravick specializes in all modes of transport security as well.


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