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Gravick Worldwide conducts educational programs ranging from one-day seminars for small businesses to customizable, comprehensive SCM programs for large corporations and governmental agencies. Our training programs cover a broad range of subject matter, including global logistics, supply chain management, import and export trade compliance, supply chain security, and business enterprise management. The number of participants who complete a course does not define the value of our training program; it is defined, rather, by a metric related to the retention of the information presented. Our training courses are 100 percent customizable, with the options of web-based courses, classroom settings, or conferences. The seminars, though less personal than courses taught in a small classroom, provide a great value with a high rate of knowledge retention.

Gravick Worldwide has provided training to numerous government and private sector organizations, including:

  • US Customs
  • Canadian Customs
  • Jordanian Customs
  • New Zealand Customs
  • Australian Customs
  • The State of Sonora, Mexico
  • Pima Community College
  • Fiskars
  • Kansas City Southern Rail
  • Polaris Industries
  • Briggs and Stratton
  • Lufthansa
  • Federation of Indian Exporters

Some sample training topics include:

  • The Financial Impact of the Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Security Internal Controls
  • Functional Areas in the Supply Chain
  • Key Supply Chain Metrics
  • Modeling and Simulation Determinants for the Supply Chain
  • Import Compliance Key Elements
  • Export Compliance Key Elements
  • Smuggling Trends in North and South America
  • Intrusion Detection and Covert Tracking Methodologies

Some evaluation comments from our training sessions:

Great course, actually learned from instructors rather than just having exercises (group exercises) every 10 minutes that took a few minutes to do and then everyone just talked (like most of our other training). We learned from the experience and knowledge from the instructors. Pam C.

The course provided me with very valuable knowledge related to Regulatory Audit: Audit ISA, PA, C-TPAT (application for all types of audits). John H.

The trainers were very knowledgeable about supply chain security and C-TPAT. They presented the material in a clear and easy to understand way. In addition, they had great chemistry together. Valerie K.

Please contact Gravick Worldwide for all your training needs and with any questions you may have. We look forward to taking your business to a higher level.


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