Transportation & Warehousing Services

Ensure that inventory stays a short-term asset

Sound asset management and strong internal controls are important business tenets in a bad economy, but they are equally important in good times. Be it from a physical security standpoint or a classical financial perspective, keeping the flow of material, finance, and information moving is key to improving working capital investment rates and cash conversion times. Gravick specializes in the efficient plan and execution of a logistical system. Our efforts ensure that your logistical system, when executed, will enable not only your fulfillment strategy but also your larger supply chain financial objectives.

Gravick Worldwide facilitates the movement of material with secure and reliable partners. Our FMCSA number is MC693628. We regularly meet with several government agencies to ensure compliance to regulatory matters and also to share intelligence on smuggling trends and counterterrorism initiatives. We believe an idle asset is an asset at risk. Our aim is to ensure that your assets move efficiently and effectively throughout the designed logistical system. Gravick delivers a global logistics solution and partners with hands-on domestic and international transportation companies to offer door-to-door transportation with optimal execution and superior custodial control. In cooperation with our partners in airfreight, sea freight, and land transport, we tailor handling and logistics services to match your fulfillment strategy: our material handling solution includes warehousing to support our customers’ inbound logistics, storage, and distribution demands.

Gravick’s facilities are strategically located to avoid increased transport costs and potential overweight charges. Our warehousing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Just-in-time delivery capability
  • Cross-dock capabilities
  • Merge-in-transit abilities
  • Parcel and transport management
  • Custom barcode label generation
  • Sort and repack
  • Pallet configuration
  • Serial and date control
  • First in first out/last in first out
  • Order replenishment/fulfillment
  • Reverse logistics
  • Inventory management and reporting


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